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Our annual event for 2016 will take place on Wednesday, November 2nd at the Radisson Paper Valley in downtown Appleton from 6-8 PM. This year’s theme is Everyone has a Story, and they do!

Doctors Todd Van Ye and Amy Brewster along with The Center staff invite you to join us.

In addition to the featured presentations by our skilled surgical team, our doctors will be available to discuss surgical, non-surgical, and medi-spa treatments for face, body, breasts, and skin.

Speak with our patients-hear their stories first hand. Our staff and company representatives will be on hand to answer any questions you may have.

Seating is limited! Please reserve your spot by calling 920.725.0700

Below is a collection of stories from some of our amazing patients.

We thank each and every one of you for your courage and participation.

-Drs. Brewster and Van Ye

I had grown tired of feeling like people were focused on one of the parts of my body when they were speaking to me!Trudy


I was not ‘new’ to reconstructive surgery.  I’ve had procedures in the past along my journey with breast cancer.  This time, I opted to have a procedure to make me feel more comfortable.

I’ve felt self conscious about my arms-I jokingly referred to them as my ‘lunch lady arms’.  It got to the point where I was uncomfortable wearing short sleeves in the summer.  I couldn’t wear shirts with those cute cap sleeves or go sleeveless shirts; I avoided anything that didn’t go past my elbows!  Even then, it was limiting.  I couldn’t wear a lot of clothes because the arms and sleeves just didn’t fit.

I’d been to The Center for my past procedures and for me it only made sense to go back to see what my options were.

Dr. Brewster was straight up with me-I absolutely cannot say enough good things about her; from her bedside manner to the follow up care.  She was clear about what needed to be done, showed me pictures, told me what we needed to do to prepare for the procedure, and even recommended products for use afterwards to minimize the after effects from the procedure.

The hardest part for me was actually going through with it, but I knew this was something I needed to do, for me.   I’ve been widowed for 3 years now, I’m in my early 50’s, and had grown tired of feeling like people were focused on that part of my body when they were speaking to me.  I wanted to look good and I wanted to feel good.

I made the decision to have a bilateral arm lift.

I could not be happier with the outcome!  There are fewer limits on my wardrobe, I’m feeling like people are focused on me and not my arms – and I’ve met someone; I don’t know that I would have had the confidence to do that before this surgery.

If you are thinking about making changes for yourself, don’t be afraid to move forward.  It may not always be something that is medically necessary but the mental process, what we go through internally, makes it necessary.

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Everything I had done was totally life changing for me. I did this for myself, but now complete strangers come up to me and say, ‘Has anybody told you that you are beautiful?’! That I never expected! Cindy


We, as women (for the most part) are always putting others first, not ourselves.  I worked all the time, I couldn’t say no to anybody.  I have a children, grandchildren, a business, a marriage-all of it took precedent over my own health.

2 years ago, I developed alopecia and crohn’s disease.  I began to lose my hair.  I looked in the mirror and thought, stress has done this to me.

I had a surgery for my crohn’s disease. This left me with a long, ugly scar that ran from my pelvis to right under my chest bone.

Once my crohn’s was improving, and I had lost all of my hair, I wanted to do something to make me feel better about my body.  I had always been ‘top heavy’ and was teased in high school quite a bit-I am 5’2’’ and average about 105 lbs.

My family physician referred me to Dr. Van Ye-I knew once I met him, he was the one I wanted to work with.

I had been dealing with this for so many years, I finally decided ‘I’m going to do this!’.  I had a minimal reduction done and a lift and a few additional procedures at the same time.

Well, the day of my surgery, my husband picked me up and stayed with me as I was still heavily medicated.  My arms were bound, and I needed help getting in and out of my chair.  I began speaking to my husband at one point and he wouldn’t reply!  He was paying attention to me but wouldn’t talk to me.  I thought maybe he was angry or wanted to tell me something I possibly didn’t want to hear.  As I said, I was still pretty heavily medicated and it had only been a couple of hours since my surgery.  I didn’t know for sure if it was me, or if it was him.  He began to cry, and started banging his fist on the wall.  It was then I realized he COULDN’T speak.  I called 911, and it turned out he had had a stroke.  Had I not had surgery that day, I definitely would not have been home and would not have been there for him.  We were told that because I was able to get him help so quickly, his chances of permanent damage were minimal.  He has since made a fantastic recovery and continues to improve.

Six months later, I went in for a checkup.  I spoke with Dr. Van Ye about what could be done to reduce my scarring.  I ended up with a full tummy tuck; the scar was moved below my belly button!  I never even thought this was possible. I’d asked him if he would consider doing a face lift at the same time.  I had no hair, I wanted to feel good about myself and had hoped this would help.

Not only has Dr. Van Ye changed my life, he has enabled me to help others because of what he has done for me!

Everything I had done was totally life changing for me.  I did this for myself, but now complete strangers come up to me and say, ‘Has anybody told you that you are beautiful?’!  That I never expected!

When something bad happens in your life, you want to pay it forward.  I have a lot of wigs-I donate them to other women in need.

I want people to know if they are on the fence about making changes to their body that THEY ARE WORTH IT; you don’t have to tell others what you are doing, it’s to make YOU feel better.  I see so many women who are top heavy, but the doctors at The Center will figure out if insurance will cover it-these women are uncomfortable!  I had the feeling that people were looking at me BECAUSE I was top heavy, and it made me feel they weren’t looking at ME.  I don’t get that feeling anymore, I feel like they are connecting w/me, not a part of my body.

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I’d struggled with my weight in high school and worked hard to get in a place where I was comfortable. I did it-I accomplished my goals and felt pretty good about things. Then, I got pregnant; by the end of my pregnancy, I gained 110 pounds.Brianna


I’m a 21 year old mom of a beautiful 18 month old girl.  I’m also a full time student, hoping to get my doctorate in Social Work.

I’d struggled with my weight in high school and worked hard to get in a place where I was comfortable.  I did it-I accomplished my goals and felt pretty good about things.  Then, I got pregnant.

As excited as I was about my pregnancy, the months went by and I began putting on some serious weight.  By the end of my pregnancy, I gained 110 pounds – twice the weight I’d lost prior to becoming pregnant!  In 9 months I had gone from feeling the happiest I’ve felt about my body to ‘Oh no!!!!!”.

At first, I thought I’d lose the weight easily, you know, change my diet, exercise, I knew that breastfeeding would help, but I only lost about 20 pounds.  I was really struggling.

My daughter was about 5 months old at the time,  and I wasn’t losing the weight by doing ‘all the right things’.

I googled all of the places in the Fox Valley that provided reconstructive surgery and found The Center.  After reading through all of the area sites, I felt like the reviews for The Center looked great.  I called and made a consultation appointment with Dr. Brewster.

They walked me through everything at the office; they were so nice there!  Dr. Brewster was open and honest.  She provided me with all of the details, which I REALLY liked.  I felt as though Dr. Brewster got to know me.  She got to know all of my struggles, physically and personally and helped me make the right choice for me.

I wasn’t nervous; I’d had surgeries before but it’s a tough recovery, especially being a full time student and having a 5 month old child.  You need help sometimes.

I chose to have a tummy tuck.  My lower stomach looks better – I look toned.  I wasn’t used to having that!  It was a great surprise!  I regained my confidence.  After my pregnancy I no longer felt like myself.  This procedure was a big thing for me, it has helped a lot.

Since then, I’ve brought up to Dr. Brewster that there may be additional work I’d like to have done.  They don’t pressure you there, but they are there to advise you.  They want you to be happy.

So many people say negative things about plastic surgery, so people tend to avoid it.  I think a lot of people deal with that societal pressure.  But when you know that there is something you hate about yourself, and there’s a way to change it, and you do it, you feel so much better.  All I can tell you is I feel better and it’s helped me and that’s all that matters.  No one should have to worry about what other people think.  Do it for yourself.  Your self confidence will thank you.

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The worst of it wasn’t losing the hair on my head, I’d begun wearing wigs. It was losing my eyebrows and eyelashes. I would look in the mirror, but it wasn’t me. I looked emotionless, expressionless-I looked…blank.Sherry


When I was younger, I began losing my hair.  This is a condition called Alopecia. About four years ago, it got worse.

It was a slow process; clumps of hair began coming out when I combed it.  Then it began to be very noticeable.  I wore hats, hoping, thinking it would grow back.  But it didn’t.  I shaved my head, I got a wig.  I thought, ‘oh, as long as my eyelashes and brows stay’.

About 4-6 months later, I lost those, along with any remaining hair on my body.  My condition had developed into Alopecia Totalis.

For me the worst of it wasn’t losing the hair on my head, as I mentioned, I’d begun wearing wigs.  It was losing my eyebrows and eyelashes.  I would look in the mirror, but it wasn’t me.  I looked emotionless, expressionless-I looked…blank.

I’m lucky enough to have the support of a friend that has exactly the same issue as I do.  She told me about Samantha at The Center.

I began working with Samantha to have Microblading done to have eyebrows tattooed on my face.  The technique gives the appearance of hairs versus coloring in the whole brow area to give a more natural look.  I’ve heard she is one of the few people in the valley that performs this technique.  She is quite the artist and so positive and happy and upbeat.  It’s WONDERFUL to be around her.  I totally trust her, she’s meticulous and works with me-she includes me in the process.  I have a say in it.

During one of my sessions, I mentioned how difficult it was for me not having eyelashes.  She suggested trying to tattoo eyelashes on my eyelids!  Samantha added permanent eyeliner and I tolerated that well, so we went forward with the eyelashes.

The staff at The Center are so complimentary, they notice every change I have made.  It’s been wonderful getting to know them!

I can’t even explain what it feels like to have been given back a face that I feel is somewhat a reflection of who I was before my hair loss.  When I look in the mirror, I feel so much better about myself.  It’s a huge self-esteem boost and makes me feel somewhat ‘normal’ again.  I can’t imagine anyone being unhappy after going through these procedures!

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I was 100 pounds lighter! I was so proud of how far I’d come, but I still wasn’t happy with my appearance. It was a mind game; I had this physical image of all of the excess skin and it took me down a bit.Peggy


I started going to The Center for their aesthetic services, but I knew I needed to be a healthier person.

I had surgery for weight loss reduction. So here I was, 100 lbs lighter and I wanted to feel proud of that, not look at my body and feel disappointed. Losing that amount of weight, you end up with excess skin. I was so proud of how far I’d come, but I still wasn’t happy with my appearance. It was a mind game; I had this physical image of all of the excess skin and it took me down a bit.

While speaking to staff members at The Center, I made an appointment for a free consultation with Dr. Van Ye. I immediately fell in love with his ideology of why he does what he does.

My tummy tuck was scheduled. Of all of the surgeries I have ever had, including inpatient hospital care, I’ve never had a process go so well from start to finish.

The team there worked with me to make additional choices for aftercare; in the office they worked with me making sure I had proper documentation of my visits, procedures and anything I needed for insurance purposes; they went above and beyond the call of duty to help me be able to have the surgery. Kudos and hats off to their office staff! They got my second surgery scheduled by the end of the year to save me the additional out of pocket expenses.

The way Dr. Van Ye laid out the options for my 2nd surgery, what we could accomplish, and how it could work out best for me, considering my work schedule and finances was unexpected, another instance of how they go above and beyond.

Now, I am so much more confident in how I look in my clothes. It is a morale booster, for sure! I feel better, yeah there might be more work I’d like to have done, and I may have some scars, but I don’t have all this excess skin, my breasts aren’t droopy or saggy-they are right where they are supposed to be. I am able to get around better and I no longer need an industrial strength sports bra for my workouts!

Keeping in mind your finances, The Center can and will work with you. Don’t wait, do it. You will feel so much better and have a more positive outlook on your life. It isn’t only about how you feel but even the way you present yourself to others. Life will pass you by so quickly, why NOT make the change when you can? Why not choose to have the best life you can?

I cannot say one bad thing about my experiences at The Center. I wouldn’t go to anyone else for treatments, surgeries or aesthetics. It goes beyond just their abilities, it’s the way they treat the people they work with.

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My face wasn’t looking like I ‘felt’. I would look in the mirror, the reflection didn’t feel like it was a representation of me! I needed to do something.Mary


I was busy in my earlier days; raising my kids-I have 5 children! I had a business to run, we traveled, I was more focused on others than myself.

My face wasn’t looking like I ‘felt’. I would look in the mirror, the reflection didn’t feel like it was a representation of me! I needed to do something.

So, six years ago, I was sent by my dermatologist to see Dr. Van Ye. I’d had a treatment done in the past, at a different clinic, and scar tissue had been building up around my incisions. I went to The Center to see what could be done. I was scared; but from the moment I set foot in the door, I was so comfortable, the people, the attitude of the entire office, just comforted me. When I found out the cost…I hesitated. I wasn’t sure.

But, this was MY time; it was my time to feel better-something I needed to do for myself without feeling selfish. The Center worked with me on the cost and eliminated that hesitation.

I went through with the recommended procedure, and have since gone back to have additional work done-eyelids, a tummy tuck among other treatments.

There was a period of adjustment after my procedure where I felt like- ‘Oh my gosh, what did I do?’ and if it wasn’t for the reassurance of the women at The Center talking me through it, the positive attitude they had, it would have been much more difficult. It takes time to heal, but I wasn’t expecting to have that kind of reaction afterwards.

Of course, they were right. Other people weren’t seeing what I saw; my confidence grew. Being a shy person to begin with, I felt like people looked at me and could only see my imperfections. Now when I talk to people, I can talk to them with confidence.

At The Center they aren’t out to ‘sell’ you on services. They genuinely want you to feel good about yourself. They guide you, they don’t tell you that ‘you need this, or you need that’. I’ve appreciated the honesty here; I’ve gone for botox treatments at other places and they just gave me what I asked for, but my expert team at The Center informed me that botox was not the answer for me.

Everyone is different; for me, I didn’t feel the same on the inside as I did on the outside. I did this for me, not for anyone else. It’s not painful and many of my family members can’t even tell I’ve had anything done. The changes look natural. It may feel selfish or you may be concerned about the cost or have some other concerns holding you back, but then you realize, it is WELL worth it for the confidence you feel!

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I drove the bus for our child care center-if I had to go on insulin, I would lose my license to operate the bus! Not only was my weight affecting my ability to interact with the kids at the center, but it was now jeopardizing an important aspect of my business.Dorothy


Growing up in a large family (I was the youngest of 9 children) where we didn’t have the best nutritional habits, I ended up being an overweight child. I turned into an overweight adult. About 10 years ago, I went to my medical doctor and at 376 lbs was being treated for diabetes and high blood pressure. My doctor told me I needed to get my diabetes under control or I’d have to go on insulin.  

I drove the bus for our child care center-if I had to go on insulin, I would lose my license to operate the bus!  Not only was my weight affecting my ability to interact with the kids at the center, but it was now jeopardizing an important aspect of my business.

I tried working out, dieting, all of the usual things, then opted for Gastric Bypass surgery; this worked for me.  To date, I’ve lost about 220 lbs; I went from a size 32, and I can now wear a size 4 or 6, thanks to some additional procedures I’ve had done!

Not everyone may be aware of this, but when you lose so much weight, your skin sags, pretty much everywhere.  Your breasts droop and often remain too heavy for your ‘new’ body.  The skin on your arms, legs, stomach, and back becomes very loose.  

I was working out, but this didn’t seem to solve all of the issues with my loose skin, so I began to get procedures to help sculpt my body into one that ‘fit’ with the amount of weight I had lost.

I’d had several procedures done prior to attending a presentation at a support group I’ve been involved with for people who’ve had Bariatric surgery/Gastric bypasses.  Dr. Brewster was the presenter at that particular meeting.  I felt an instant connection with her.   

I went in to talk to her about an inner thigh lift.  I wish she had been around for my earlier surgeries.  I feel like she ‘gets’ me.  I just felt like she understood what I wanted, what MY goals were.  She really listened to what I was saying.  I trusted her, more than any other doctor I have ever worked with.  I am very happy with the care I received at The Center from the entire staff.  If I had questions, they would answer them, if they didn’t know, they would find me the answers I needed.  Their follow up care is wonderful.

When you are overweight all of your life, then lose a lot of weight, you begin to recognize how differently people treat you; men AND women.  When I was overweight, not once did a man hold the door open for me if we approached it at the same time.  Now it happens frequently.  

There is still a stigma attached to having a gastric bypass.  People ask me, ‘did you do it on your own?’.  Well of course I did. I may have had the surgery, but just because you have it doesn’t mean it’s going to be successful for everyone.  It takes a lot of work and an entire lifestyle change.

My original surgery gave me my life back, and the additional surgeries I’ve had are to mentally help me feel good about myself.  I have confidence now.  I want people to know that they should follow their OWN heart, to do what they think is right and realize that they are worth it.  With regaining my health, no amount of money is too much.  You wouldn’t think twice about taking out a car loan, so why not spend it on your own health and well being?  It’s not selfish to put yourself first!

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Having this procedure put me closer to what I wanted to be as a person; I may have gotten there anyway, but I feel like it ended up helping me along the way. It helped me regain confidence and definitely improved my self-esteem. Reive


Often times, kids have no filter-they say exactly what comes to mind.  Around the time I was 7 or 8 years old, I grew tired of classmates saying things about my looks. My ears stuck out quite a bit.  I talked to my parents about what I had been experiencing and they took me in for a consultation at The Center.  Even at my young age, I remember talking through our options, and a couple of weeks later, we had opted to go for it.  

The procedure involved an incision behind my ear, removal of some cartilage, which helped to flatten my ears, then they were stitched to my scalp in an effort to pin them back.  

I was pretty nervous going into it, but the surgery wasn’t bad.  Being the kind of kid I was, I guess I didn’t think much about what it was going to be like after the surgery.  I was, after all, pretty young.  There was some pain, and I felt kind of sick from the anesthesia but the surgery was successful.  

Having this procedure put me closer to what I wanted to be as a person; I may have gotten there anyway, but I feel like it ended up helping me along the way.  It helped me regain confidence and definitely improved my self-esteem.

I am now a junior in high school  trying to figure out what’s next for me.  It might be the Army or the Marines, I might choose to go into the Law Enforcement program at Fox Valley Technical College, or, auto mechanics.  I currently own 7 cars that I like to work on in my spare time.  I feel like I’ve got a really bright future ahead of me and have the confidence to reach my goals.  

I don’t regret having gone through this procedure one bit.  I’d tell anyone facing the same choices as I had that it’s well worth it.  There’s really nothing negative that could come from having it done and in the end, it’s only going to make you happier as a person!

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At age 6, I had an appendix surgery. I’d lived with the scar (I jokingly referred to it as “The Great Divide”) for over 40 years…I never thought anything could be done about this. I hadn’t gone into the appointment thinking this would be part of the discussion.Kalin


I have been a client of The Center for the aesthetic services they offer for the last 10 years.  I am a very active businesswoman, married, with one son.  I love what I do-I have the opportunity in my field to lead and coach people.

During one of my appointments at The Center, I had seen the Cool Sculpt information.  I met with Dr. Brewster to discuss the procedure.  I had a belly that I just couldn’t get rid of, and a nasty scar that I affectionately referred to as ‘the great divide’, a vertical scar running from my belly button to near my chest bone, from an appendix surgery at age 6.

I’d lived with the scar for over 40 years at this point; I never thought anything could be done about this.  I hadn’t gone into the appointment thinking this would be part of the discussion.

Dr. Brewster was upfront with me and let me know I was not the best candidate for for Cool Sculpt, but we began discussing my scar.  I decided to have this worked on in addition to a tummy tuck, and my droopy eyelids lifted.

Before my surgery, I couldn’t even see my belly button.  I got a new belly button during the procedure, my scar was moved below it, horizontally instead of vertically.  My droopy eyelids were a byproduct of genetics and I knew I wanted to take care of this earlier in life than later.

These procedures have helped with my confidence a great deal.  I feel better in my clothes, when I zip up my jeans, they fit better; when I sit down, I am more comfortable.

Especially with my eyelids, I did not want to wait until I was older and have everyone feel like ‘What did she have done?’ I wanted it to be subtle, not for people to take one look at me and know I’d had work done.  I feel like I look more awake.  I love the fact that even my sisters and my own mother haven’t come to me and said ‘You look different!’.

My procedure was performed on the day of a major snowstorm; the guys in my neighborhood had to push us out of our driveway.  Dr. Brewster had to wait to get plowed out before she could make it in that day.  But the staff was very reassuring, caring and personable.  They made me feel at ease.  Even during the worst weather, everyone was there and took the utmost care of me.

This journey has surprised me-I never knew it was possible to do anything with the horrible, ugly scar that I’ve carried with me since childhood.  I would have never thought to ask.  I am thankful for Dr. Brewster and her advice and recommendations!

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After my weight loss, my clothes hid an abundance of evils, but I never felt right in pants. There was saggy skin around my knees and other areas. Let me tell you, you don’t feel very attractive when you feel like a shar pei! Lee


I have always struggled with my weight.  About 8 or 9 years ago, I went on an intensive weight loss program.  It was successful-I lost 100 pounds!

After my weight loss, my clothes hid an abundance of evils, but I never felt right in pants.  There was saggy skin around my knees and other areas.  Let me tell you, you don’t feel very attractive when you feel like a shar pei!  My husband was so supportive.  He wanted me to make my own decision about my next steps.  Of course, I don’t think he expected to be providing the after care from my procedures, but he never made me feel inadequate about the way I looked.

At the age of 59, I decided to seek advice for these issues.  I had been to The Center years ago for an unrelated procedure, so it made sense to start there.  This time around, I wanted a female surgeon.  I cannot tell you how impressed I am by Dr. Brewster.  She takes a personal touch with every patient and shows real concern not only for the patient, but their entire family.

The day of my surgery, my care was wonderful.  Everyone made you feel special. They realize that this is a big deal and want you to know that you are important to them.  I ended up having 2 surgeries, a tummy tuck, liposuction on my knees, and a special procedure done on my legs, then returned for an inner thigh lift.

I have 2 daughters and throughout this journey I wanted them to understand that they are beautiful the way they are.  I didn’t want them to ever feel inadequate.  I wanted them to understand what I did is not a reflection on anyone else, it was a very personal thing for me.  If I didn’t have it done, I would still be an OK person!  For me, I’m glad I went through this but I am aware that it can have the wrong impact on someone who has body images.

Remember that your body is a living, breathing thing, you can never be sure how it’s going to respond.  There can be a cause and effect-having one surgery can make you aware of another area that you’d like to improve.  Keep your expectations reasonable and know your limitations-you don’t want to cause harm to the work you’ve had done!

I never would have thought I’d ever be seen in leggings, but here I am today wearing them and I feel great.  I enjoy shopping for clothes again; it’s no longer a chore. I gained a confidence that, as I’m getting older, I never expected to have.

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For me, this was only a stepping stone to get over the hurdle and get out of my own way; to open more doors for myself mentally and physically. Karen


My 30th birthday was a big transition for me.  I spent my 20’s waiting…pretty much for everything.  When I hit 30 I tried to challenge myself, I realized if I didn’t let anything happen to me, nothing was going to happen.  I took a leap of faith that I thought was, for me, a part of finding myself.  

I had always been small chested.  In my late 20’s I spent a lot of time at the gym – I was in really good shape.  I went out, bought new clothes; I felt great about what I had accomplished.  

Then came bra shopping.  I went to the big chain lingerie store in the mall; a first for me!  The attendant asked if I’d ever been fitted for a bra, which I hadn’t, so I went through all the measuring to get my perfect ‘fit’.  I had always purchased a size 32A. (I am pretty sure the bras for that size are the ones that are made from the scraps on the cutting room floor, you know, your basic beige, no frills beauties.).  I was told that they didn’t have anything in the store that was small enough for me. Devastated, I thanked her, closed the door and stood there looking at myself in the mirror.  I had never felt more unsexy in my life.  I felt like a little girl, not an almost 30 year old woman.  I didn’t think I could feel any lower –  then I heard the woman in the fitting room next to me asking for a larger size…

My friends had told me about The Center.  I gathered up my courage and made an appointment for a consultation.  I always felt that implants weren’t for me, I wouldn’t be qualified – I wasn’t worthy.

From the moment I met Dr. Van Ye, he had my confidence.  He assessed my size immediately with complete accuracy without even measuring me.  He even had a size in mind that he felt would be right for me.  

I chose to have a breast augmentation.  It was time for me to take control and feel sexy for the first time in my life, the first time to allow myself to feel like a woman.  I got more of the hourglass curve I was looking for-I gained a LOT of self confidence which manifested itself not only in my personal life, but my work life as well!

I had been hired by a company for a role that have never existed until I came onboard, and was told to ‘take it and run’.  After gaining all of this new-found confidence, I was able to take the bull by the horns and take some action.  I’ve earned respect at work.  I allowed myself permission to try new things; to explore other cultures when I am traveling for work, and, sadly, move on from some personal relationships that deep down I knew may not be right for me.  

The entire process was easy, but I’m not going to lie, there is some pain!  I had a moment of ‘should I have done this?’ ‘am I going to look like what I thought I would?’. Oh, I had been warned by Dr. Van Ye about it, but it was hard at that point to trust that in a week after my surgery everything was going to look and feel so much better.  But it did.

Now, I GET IT.  Bra shopping IS actually fun!  It was eye opening.  I LIKE my body!  I like the way I look and appreciate myself for who I am.

For me, this was only a stepping stone to get over the hurdle and get out of my own way; to open more doors for myself mentally and physically.  There’s so much more to it than the superficial ‘I-just-got-implants’.  You will never know unless you make the leap and get that consultation.  All I can tell you is JUMP.   It is so life changing.

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Just wanted to say thank you to Dr. Van Ye and ALL of the staff at your office for recognizing breast cancer survivors and doing something so nice for us during Breast Cancer Awareness Month. I had a silk peel and it was wonderful as well as all of the people in the office! You are all very kind and helpful!
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