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Duane and Sandy Tried NeoGraft and Loved It

“We were self-conscious about losing our hair”

Duane (62) and his wife Sandy (58) were losing their hair.

It was inevitable for Duane: male pattern baldness runs in his family. Many of his brothers and cousins are nearly bald. As he grew older, he became self-conscious about his receding hairline.

Sandy was also losing hair up front, forcing her to always style her hair to cover it up. Like her husband, she was self-conscious about her receding hairline.

Both decided to do something about it.

While at The Center for Aesthetics and Plastic Surgery for his wife’s procedure, Duane jokingly asked the staff if they had any procedures for men. That’s how he learned that The Center was now offering a state-of-the-art hair replacement method called NeoGraft®. 

Hair transplantation without the scarring

NeoGraft® is a state-of-the-art technology for restoring hair lost to pattern baldness or thinning. It removes individual hair follicles from the scalp in their naturally occurring groupings of 1-4 hairs and then places them in bald or thin areas, creating a natural appearance.

Unlike traditional hair transplant techniques that leave unsightly scars by cutting out a strip of scalp, there’s no scarring with NeoGraft because just donor hair is being removed.

Intrigued by how it doesn’t create a scar, Duane elected to try the minimum number of grafts (500 instead of the usual 1,500-2,000).

“You hardly feel a thing”

During the procedure, Duane lay facedown on a table, and they shaved a spot on his head about 6 inches long to get the donor hair. Then they froze his scalp and used a machine to suck the hairs out. “You only feel a couple pricks and then it all goes numb,” he said.

Then they made microscopic incisions in his scalp and planted one hair follicle at a time (like planting seeds), staggering their placement so the hair looks natural (unlike hair plugs).

NeoGraft uses hair from the sides and back of the head because it almost never goes bald.

The hair doesn’t know it’s being moved. If it grew on the back or side of your head, it’ll grow on the top part. It was very easy. There was little to no pain. The Center took care of everything.” – Duane

Duane loved it so much that he called his wife and told her to get it the next day.

“I knew if Duane did it, I could do it too. Men and pain, you know?” Sandy said and laughed.

Results after a few days

Within a few days, Duane could feel the hair starting to grow. After 2 weeks he said they feel like stubble. “It’s pretty cool,” he said.

To help the hair take root, Duane and Sandy had to avoid putting their head under the faucet when showering because the strong jet of water could wash away the follicles. Instead, they had to pour water gently over their heads. After a week they could shower normally.

“We love it. It worked out great. We’re going to have more done.”

“Now my friends and relatives want to do it”

Loving their results, Duane and Sandy shared their experiences with friends and family, who were surprised by the easy process and fast results. Now many of them are planning to do NeoGraft.

Before your procedure, Duane and Sandy recommend letting your hair grow long so people won’t see the shave area.

Soon, hair will be growing back in both the shaved and transplanted areas.

Just wanted to say thank you to Dr. Van Ye and ALL of the staff at your office for recognizing breast cancer survivors and doing something so nice for us during Breast Cancer Awareness Month. I had a silk peel and it was wonderful as well as all of the people in the office! You are all very kind and helpful!
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