Halo Laser

Halo Laser
For Plover, Neenah, Appleton, Green Bay, And The Fox Valley

Experience the transformative power of the Sciton Halo Laser at the Center for Aesthetics and Plastic Surgery in Neenah, Plover, and the whole of Fox Valley. It’s the world’s first hybrid fractional laser combining two lasers into one to effectively remove years of damage from your face and reveal your skin’s inner glow! 


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What is Halo Laser?

The Halo laser treatment uses two wavelengths to target both the top layer and deeper tissues of your skin. By precisely combining these wavelengths, it can repair visible signs related to aging, sun damage, discoloration, enlarged pores, and uneven skin tone. Additionally, it stimulates the deep heat required for collagen growth without lengthy downtimes associated with traditional lasers.

How Does Halo Laser Work?

The Sciton Halo Laser harnesses the power of a dual-wavelength laser to gently heat the skin, which in turn stimulates cellular regeneration and the production of collagen and elastin. These building blocks of the skin help improve the appearance of cosmetic imperfections while rejuvenating and restoring skin health. Visible results include a more clear and healthy complexion over time.

Benefits of Halo Laser

You can transform your skin in just one treatment with the Halo laser! Fine lines, wrinkles, and acne scars will be minimized, and you will have tighter skin and a more even complexion. There will be an improvement in skin texture and a reduction in discoloration and pore size, and a youthful glow. This minimally invasive treatment requires only a topical anesthetic and allows you to return to your normal routine within 24 hours.

Risks and Side Effects of a Halo Laser Treatment

Sciton’s Halo Laser is minimally invasive and safe. Patients should expect to experience some redness, mild swelling, and tightness after the treatment. Also, there is a rare risk of infection if the treated area is not kept clean following the procedure. Additionally, patients may experience pigmentation changes, although these are typically temporary.

    Before, During, and After a Halo Laser Treatment

    What to Expect Before a Halo Laser Treatment

    Before treatment, our experienced practitioners will recommend a customized skin care regimen to enhance your overall results. Our skilled and professional practitioners in Neenah and Plover will create a tailored plan that meets your unique needs and helps you achieve your desired outcome.

    What to Expect During a Halo Laser Treatment

    A topical anesthetic will be applied to minimize discomfort. Protective eyewear follows an hour later, after which the laser device, which releases both non-ablative and ablative laser energy in quick bursts, is gently rolled over the areas to be treated. The prickling sensation you may feel is normal and manageable, while the built-in cooling system blows cool air onto your face to reduce any swelling. Once the treatment is complete, a moisturizer will be applied to your skin, leaving you with younger-looking skin that glows.

    What to Expect After a Halo Laser Treatment

    After treatment, you may experience skin redness for a few days, which could be longer if the treatment is intense. Dead skin cells may move to the surface leading to small dark dots. Your skin may peel slightly and feel rough like sandpaper for three days. You may also experience swelling in certain areas, like the upper cheeks and below the eyes. Within two weeks, redness and dark spots should disappear.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Is Halo Laser Safe?

    You can get flawless skin with minimal risks and side effects with the Halo Laser procedure. This safe and noninvasive treatment may cause minor reactions like flaking, puffiness, peeling, and itching, but they are proof that your skin is undergoing the healing process.

    Is Halo Laser Painful?

    Applying an anesthetic cream to the treated area will reduce any discomfort you may experience.  Although you may feel a slight pinch when the laser energy is applied to your skin, most patients report minimal discomfort during treatment. 

    How Can I Maintain My Results After Halo Laser?

    You can maintain your youthful glow and preserve positive cosmetic results with a reliable and consistent skincare routine. 

    How Often Can I Receive a Halo Laser Treatment?

    We recommend spacing out the procedures by 4-6 weeks. The initial results will be undeniably remarkable and only get better over time. 

    What Can Halo Laser treat?

    The Halo Laser treats a range of skin concerns – from wrinkles, acne scars, and uneven texture to discolorations, age spots, and enlarged pores. The Halo laser is safe and adaptable to all skin types and tones. 

    How Much Does a Halo Laser Treatment Cost?

    The cost of Halo varies depending on the extent of treatment, the number of sessions needed, and the areas being treated. 

    Is There Anything I Should Avoid Before or After Halo Laser?

    Avoid sun exposure and tanning beds at least two weeks before treatment since the laser light can easily irritate overly sensitive skin. Also, avoid skincare treatments such as chemical peels or microdermabrasion. After the procedure, avoid direct exposure to the sun and limit your outdoor activities. Stay away from hot water, saunas, or any activities that might make you sweat for at least 48 hours after the procedure.  

    Does Insurance Cover the Cost of Halo Laser?

    Halo laser is considered a cosmetic procedure and is not covered by insurance. 

    Can Halo Laser be Combined with Other Treatments?

    Halo laser can be combined with other treatments to achieve superior results. Microdermabrasion is one treatment that, when used with Halo laser, can tackle active acne, acne scars, skin texture, and wrinkles.  

    How Many Halo Laser Sessions Will I Need? How Long Is a Typical Session?

    How many laser sessions you will need depends on the level of sun damage you have, the degree of improvement you’re seeking, and the intensity of the treatment you choose.

    At The Center for Aesthetics and Plastic Surgery, our laser experts have the experience and skill to tailor your treatment for optimal results. For mild sun damage, one treatment may suffice, whereas more advanced photo-aging may require up to three.  

    Is There Any Downtime After My Halo Laser Treatment?

    You can expect mild redness and swelling for up to a week. However, if that doesn’t bother you and you’re willing to carry on with your daily activities, you can resume your routine with minimal downtime. 

    Are The Results of Halo Laser Permanent? How Long Do Results Last?

    Although the results are not permanent, the enhancements can last several years. Taking care of your skin and sticking to a dependable skincare routine can help preserve those positive cosmetic results. 

    How Do I Care for My Skin After a Halo Laser Treatment?

    Avoid sun exposure and maintain healthy hydration levels. Keep a routine of gentle cleansing, moisturizing, and consistently applying sunscreen to prevent pigmentation issues. It’s also recommended to avoid makeup and harsh exfoliators until your skin is fully healed. 

    Am I a Candidate For Halo Laser?

    If you suffer from discoloration, fine lines, sun damage, large pores, superficial scarring, dark patches, or wrinkles, you’re an ideal candidate for Halo Laser in Neenah or Plover.  

    Can I wear makeup after a Halo Laser treatment?

    You can wear make-up after your skin has healed. 

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    Halo™ Laser Treatment

    Halo is the world’s first hybrid fractional laser, combining two lasers in one to take years of damage off of the face, and reveal your inner glow!

    The most scientifically advanced treatment for sun damage, pigment, fine lines, texture, and pores, without the downtime of traditional ablative and fractional lasers.

    Now you can get the results you have always wanted, without the hassle, and in half the time!