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The Center for Aesthetics and Plastic Surgery, with locations in Neenah and Plover, Wisconsin, offers Microblading.

Microblading is an ideal solution for individuals who desire enhanced eyebrows. This technique delivers natural, flawless, and fuller-looking brows.

Unlike the traditional hair stroke method, Microblading is semi-permanent. It meticulously restores fine hairs to the eyebrows, ensuring that each stroke remains precise and avoids blurring, spreading, or appearing overly thick or stenciled.

Experience the unparalleled artistry of Microblading, and discover the beauty of redefined eyebrows. 


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What is Microblading?

Microblading is a semi-permanent form of cosmetic tattooing. Unlike traditional tattoos, microblading employs a blade-shaped tool with barely visible needles. This technique creates realistic-looking brow hairs, depositing pigment into the skin, and making them look fuller. The results can last for a year or longer. Microblading is an advanced manual procedure for shaping and filling eyebrows, distinguishing it from conventional eyebrow tattooing.

How does Microblading Work?

Microblading involves using a small handheld tool to implant pigment into the skin, creating the illusion of fuller eyebrows. The process begins with a consultation to assess your brow shape and discuss your desired outcome. Next, a fine blade will be used to create small, hair-like strokes in the skin. The pigment is then implanted into these strokes, resulting in a natural-looking brow.

Benefits of Microblading

  • Fuller, natural-looking eyebrows for those with hair loss
  • Time-saving alternative to daily eyebrow-filling
  • Cost-effective solution compared to eyebrow-filling products
  • Waterproof results for activities like running, swimming, or showering
  • Quick and simple procedure with no downtime or recovery time
  • Painless process using numbing cream

Before, During, and After a Microblading Treatment

What to Expect Before a Microblading Treatment

It is recommended to abstain from consuming caffeine or alcohol on the day of the procedure. Additionally, refrain from tanning or sunbathing for a minimum of three days beforehand. It is advisable not to wax or pluck your eyebrows within two days of the appointment. Avoid chemical peels and intense facial treatments for a duration of two to three weeks leading up to the procedure.

Ensure that you wash your hair before the appointment, as eyebrows should not come into contact with water for at least seven days. Refrain from using vitamin A for one month before the procedure, and discontinue the use of fish oil or other natural blood thinners, such as Vitamin E, one week before. Additionally, avoid aspirin or ibuprofen since they are also blood thinners.

What to Expect During a Microblading Treatment

Before beginning the procedure, a topical numbing ointment is applied to reduce discomfort during Microblading on the brow area. The detailed procedure can last up to 2 hours, as precision is required for long-lasting results that can span a few years. During the procedure, you may experience a scraping-type sensation as the esthetician uses a microblade tool to apply color pigments, resembling real hairs to the brow area. The process is minimally painful and highly tolerable.

What to Expect After a Microblading Treatment

The initial darker appearance of the brows diminishes noticeably within two weeks. It is crucial to schedule a touch-up, as predicting the pigment retention on the skin can be challenging. The duration of the results varies, lasting anywhere from 1 to 3 years. However, an annual touch-up is recommended to maintain the shape and pigment saturation. Regardless of hair quantity, the outcome is natural-looking with hair-like strokes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is a suitable candidate for Microblading?

Microblading is beneficial for people suffering from alopecia or any other condition that causes hair loss. It is also suitable for those unhappy with their eyebrows and seeking fuller brows. Our pigments are specifically formulated to match the original eyebrow color and can seamlessly blend with existing eyebrows if present. 

How long does Microblading last?

On average, microblading can last anywhere between one to three years, depending on factors such as skin type, lifestyle, and aftercare. 

Does Microblading hurt? Are there any side effects of Microblading?

During the microblading procedure, you will typically experience pressure from the tool on your face or a scratching sensation. However, prior to the procedure, an anesthetic will be used to minimize any discomfort or pain.  You may experience potential short-term side effects such as sight bleeding, mild bruising, tenderness, and a darker appearance than intended for 6 –10 days. 

What is the healing process like after Microblading?

Commonly, redness, swelling, and scabbing may occur within the initial 5-7 days following microblading. To expedite healing, avoid direct sunlight and keep the brows dry for 7-10 days. Also, do not pick at or rub the brow area. 

Can I get my eyebrows wet after Microblading?

It is recommended to keep your eyebrows dry for the first week after treatment so the pigment has time to settle into the skin. You should avoid taking a shower, swimming, or sweating excessively since this can lead to premature fading. After the first week, you can start washing your face gently, but make sure you avoid the brow area.  

How soon can I wear makeup after Microblading?

Generally, it’s recommended to wait at least two weeks before using any makeup on your eyebrows. This allows the eyebrows to fully heal and the color to set in properly. When you do begin applying makeup again, it’s important to be gentle and avoid any pressure or rubbing on the delicate area.  

Can Microblading be done over existing eyebrow tattoos?

It is possible to Microblade over an existing tattoo. However, the success of the procedure depends on the quality of the original tattoo and how much fading has occurred.  

Is Microblading suitable for people with sensitive skin? Can I get Microblading if I have oily skin?

Microblading is suitable for those with sensitive skin. Oily skin isn’t a barrier to Microblading, but it may require more touch-ups compared to those with drier skin types.  

How much does Microblading cost?

Cost varies depending on the complexity of the procedure. 

Is Microblading a permanent procedure? How long does microblading last?

Microblading fades over time and is not permanent. It lasts 1-3 years. 

How often do I need to get touch-ups for Microblading?

It is recommended to have a touch-up once a year to retain the shape and saturation of the pigment. 

What is the difference between Microblading and eyebrow tattooing?

Both procedures involve using needles to enhance eyebrow appearance, but there are notable differences between microblading and tattooing. Microblading utilizes semi-permanent ink and a handheld tool to create hair-like strokes that imitate the natural growth of eyebrow hairs. This technique provides more precise and customizable results. On the other hand, tattooing involves deeper ink insertion and results in a permanent, sometimes solid, and unnatural look. 

Can I have an allergic reaction to Microblading pigments?

While rare, it is possible to have an allergic reaction to the pigments used in Microblading. Signs of an allergic reaction may include redness, itching, and swelling of the treated area. To minimize the risk of an allergic reaction, it is important to choose a qualified and experienced professional who uses high-quality, safe pigments and to discuss any allergies or sensitivities. 

What aftercare measures should I follow after Microblading?

During the first week, avoid getting the area wet and refrain from using any harsh cleansers or exfoliants. Additionally, for the first few days, it is advised to avoid direct sunlight and go to the gym to prevent sweating. 

Can I choose the shape and color of my eyebrows with Microblading?

During the initial consultation, your technician will work with you to determine the best shape and color that will compliment your face shape and skin tone. With Microblading, you can choose the shape and color of your eyebrows. This personalized approach means that you can achieve the exact look you want. 


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