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laser hair removal green bay & appleton

Laser Hair Removal Green Bay & Appleton WI

Tired of regularly shaving or waxing unwanted hair? Never shave again with laser hair removal.

Permanent Hair Removal with MeDioStar Next

The Center offers permanent hair removal using MeDioStar Next, the finest in high power laser technology. Stronger, Faster, Safer than ever before. This comfortable, permanent laser hair reduction offers longer lasting effects than traditional laser or IPL treatments. We are proud to be offering the very latest laser technology.When you leave shaving or waxing behind, you also leave behind chaffing, dry skin, missed areas, red bumps or nicks. What a hassle-free, time-saving idea! We’re conveniently located in Neenah, within easy driving distance for laser hair removal customers in Green Bay, Appleton, and the rest of Wisconsin.

No more painful waxing, electrolysis, or razors!

Hair Removal

When treating hair the energy of the laser light is used to prevent the regrowth of the hair. To do this the laser light has to penetrate several millimeters into the skin to reach the hair root. When it meets the melanin in the hair (brown colour) the light is absorbed, i.e. it is converted into heat. The darker, the thicker, the more dense the hair, the more heat is produced. This heat damages the cells within the hair and in the immediate area around the hair, which are responsible for hair regrowth. This ensures a drastic reduction of hair in the treated area.


It is necessary to treat several times with an interval of 4 to 8 weeks, as in human beings the hair grows in certain phases and the melanin containing hair shaft is connected to the hair root in the growing phase only. But different hairs are never in this phase at the same time. It is individually different how many sessions are needed and whether one has to retreat after about one year. It is dependent on hair and skin type and on genetic predisposition as well. Normally people from Southern countries need more sessions.

How does depilation with a laser work?

The laser-beam enters the upper skin layer. The pigment of the hair follicle absorbs the light energy specifically. 
Through conversion of light into heat, the surrounding area is heated and the follicle cell suffers a heat damage which causes the death of the root of the hair and the hair follicle.

How many treatments will I need?

The light flash only damages hair, which is in an early growth stadium. Other hair keeps growing normally. Therefore each region needs 4 to 8 treatments. The more treatments are done, the higher is the chance to treat every hair in its damageable growth stadium.

Is the laser procedure effective?

The effectiveness of the treatment depends on the color, thickness and depth of the hair, thus red, blond and grey hair reacts less than black hair. The outcome of the treatment also depends on the hormone level.  To reach a high effectiveness it is important to set up a treatment plan with your doctor depending on your skin type and hair consistency.

How can I reach the best results?

The best outcome is reached on light, un-tanned skin with dark hair. To avoid unwanted side effects the skins needs to be as light as possible, because the targets of the laser are dark, pigmented parts which also can be found in the upper layer  of tanned or dark skin.  One possibility is to start the treatment in autumn.

Can all hair be treated?

Since the laser beam targets the pigments in the hair, black or dark hair can be treated the easiest. Treatment of blond and grey hair is much more difficult and in some cases is not possible.

What kind of results should I expect?

The scientific literature shows that 12 month after the end of treatment there are very good effects with last generation lasers. It can be microscopically proofed that the hair follicles are definitely damaged. It is unknown, if and how new follicle can grow out of nothing.

How will the treatment take course?

After application of a hydrous gel the hand piece of the laser is held onto the skin and moved over the parts to be treated. The laser sends a round light impulse of the size of 8-14mm.
The treatment is very comfortable thanks to the skin cooling system of the laser device.

What happens after the treatment?

After the treatment a redness of the skin, strong feeling of warmth or wheals can occur. Overall the side effects are like a light sun burn or allergic reaction. 
After a few hours the treated parts might darken and built up a small scrap that degenerates within 2-10 days. 
The hair loosens and drops out after 5 days to 2 weeks. The re-growing hair is mostly thinner and lighter than the natural hair.

How much time is there between treatments?

The next treatment can be done after 4-8 weeks, when a definite hair growth is noticeable.

What needs to be considered before the treatment?

  • shave the hair one day before the treatment
  • avoid tanning of the skin
  • do not do plucking, waxing or electrical epilating 4-6 weeks before treatment

What needs to be considered after the treatment?
  • cool the treated skin as long as it is comfortable to you
  • if crusts built up, do not manipulate them
  • protect treated areas against sun light or intensive light (solarium)
  • use suntan cream (20-50) if you stay outside longer
  • if skin changes should occur, that are not named above, contact your doctor immediately

Laser Hair Removal Before and After Pictures

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laser hair removal green bay, laser removal wisconsin

What complications can occur?

No medical treatment is totally free of risk. Normally laser-treatment is very low in risk. Lightening of the skin or hyper-pigmentation can temporarily occur. Both is regulated by the skin itself. In very few occasions small scars can occur.

Contact us today to learn if laser hair removal is right for you.

We’re conveniently located in Neenah, within easy driving distance for laser hair removal customers in Green Bay, Appleton, and the rest of Wisconsin.

Just wanted to say thank you to Dr. Van Ye and ALL of the staff at your office for recognizing breast cancer survivors and doing something so nice for us during Breast Cancer Awareness Month. I had a silk peel and it was wonderful as well as all of the people in the office! You are all very kind and helpful!
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