In the world of aesthetic medicine and nonsurgical facial rejuvenation, skin health is one of the biggest concerns. Did you know that our skin is the largest organ in our body? Despite its constant exposure, skin health is often neglected. Failure to care for your skin can lead to damage including; red and brown spots, and other pigment changes like melasma, sebaceous hyperplasia, telangiectasias, and thin crepey skin.

To correct these changes and prevent future damage, choose a medical spa with experienced credentialed skin care providers and a facility that is directed by a board-certified plastic surgeon.

IPL (Intense Pulse Light) and/or BBL (Broad Band Light) may be appropriate treatments for you. Both treat chromophores (pigments) in the skin — the target. That target might be red or brown spots; it may also be pigment in a hair follicle leading to hair reduction.

The target may also just be the skin in general leading to improved texture or smoother/tighter skin! The “pulsed” or broad spectrum light is produced using slightly different technologies, but both can create tremendous skin quality improvements in just a few treatments without the need for surgery or extensive recovery.

Patients are left with firmer skin, less pigment, less redness (facial vessels. rosacea), and a brighter complexion! Keep this in mind. that treatment results are dependent on the qualifications of the person behind the machine.

With either BBL or IPL, several treatments may be needed to obtain the best results, and maintenance twice a year (generally spring and fall) can slow down the aging process of skin!

These treatments can be done anywhere on the body, and your skin expert should discuss a treatment regimen specific to your needs and goals. S0 BBL or IPL? Either choice is excellent, but choose a provider you trust!

Come talk to us at The Center and see what’s right for you.