Step One: The Center’s Daily Clarifying Foaming Cleanser: Since I am oily in my T-Zone, this cleanser ensures a mild decrease in oil production in addition to exfoliating any dead skin cells.

Step Two: Vitamin C+ Correcting Complex 30%: Vitamin C lightens, brightens, and tightens my skin. My Vitamin C has microbiome technology; ensuring that I get adequate penetration of the vitamin into the dermal layer of my skin.  This helps to decrease pigment production.

Step Three:  DEJ Face cream: This product is my morning moisturizer and also helps to decrease fine lines and wrinkles maximizing my overall skin texture.  It is light in moisture so I do not feel greasy during the day.

Step Four: Intellishade Matte: This sunscreen gives me a healthy glow because it’s tinted and blends naturally with the color of my skin.  It also contains peptides.

Display case including four facial rejuvenation products

Step One PM: Cleanse

Step Two PM: The Center’s Advanced Retinol Repair 0.1% on Wednesday and Sunday nights.  Retinol exfoliates my skin but visible flaking isn’t noted until 2 days later.  This is why I only apply twice a week and always at nighttime.

Step Three PM: The Center’s Deep Tissue Restorative Cream.  This moisturizer is very hydrating and I like to use it during the winter when I am dry from retinol use.

Display case including three facial rejuvenation products