Our skin cells turn over every 30-60 days depending on our age, lifestyle, and intake. When we are an infant those cells turnover every 30 days.

This rapid turnover constantly provides babies, with fresh, healthy skin and radiance or “glow” that we spend the rest of our lives striving for.

As we age, cellular turnover becomes sluggish and needs help.

You can assist this turnover with corrective products from your physician or in-office corrective treatments.

Corrective products sold in physicians’ offices are regulated. They are referred to as cosmeceuticals/pharmaceuticals and are required to show proven results.

They cannot state “correct wrinkles” or “lighten brown spots” without evidence. These products have a higher standard of proof than over-the-counter products sold in stores.

Corrective treatments such as micro-needling, laser, and peels aim to improve certain skin conditions including acne, hyper-pigmentation, sun damage, fine lines & wrinkles. These are medical treatments intended to repair damage and minimize the effect that aging has on the skin.

So, where is it best to place your skin care dollars? The treatments or the products are like eating properly and drinking plenty of water.

Both are important and the right combination will provide the best results.